EP12: What happened at The Security Influence & Trust (SIT) Summit 4 featuring Christie Wilson, Erica Hardinge & Susie Jones


  • Louisa and Beverley are at the SIT Summit today in Melbourne and this episode is an event special to help amplify the learnings for those who couldn't attend, wherever they are in the world!

  • The Security Influence and Trust Group, founded in late 2015, is a community of people who believe that collaboration, consistent messages and simple actions are key to empower people to protect themselves in the digital world.

  • They are working together to amplify consistent tips that help the community to build online safety skills.

  • They are industry professionals with a long history of building security aware cultures.

  • The 4th SIT Summit was hosted by Telstra in Melbourne on 27th November 2019.

  • Event agenda sit-summit-2019-agenda

  • Event photos (under SIT News) https://sitempowers.com


Louisa and Beverley share their insights from the sessions and also asked special guests Christie Wilson, Erica Hardinge and Susie Jones to also share some of their key take aways from the event including:

- Advice on starting an awareness or influence program from scratch

- Why they are passionate about human security and why it is important

- What were their key learnings from the day

- What was the thing that surprised them most

- What amplify means to them

- What is the one thing the security industry could do to help improve human security

For the full Transcript of the chat visit this link  

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Guests: Christie Wilson, Erica Hardinge, Susie Jones

Hosts: Beverley Roche and Louisa Vogelenzang https://www.cybersecuritycafe.com.au/co-hosts

Producer/Editor: Louisa Vogelenzang

Sound Producer: Darcy Milne (Propodcastproduction.com)



Darren Pauli's writing guide https://sitempowers.com/1571-2/

SIT Guidebook https://sitempowers.com/sit-guidebook/

More info on ANZ PACT referred to by Erica Hardinge https://media.anz.com/posts/2018/10/anz-encourages-australians-to-make-a-pact-to-protect-their-virtu




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