Episode 2: What consumers really feel about data breaches, is data breach fatigue real? & why we can't ignore telephone scams with Prof.David Lacey 

The intro

Is identity dead? Beverley talks about an article she read recently from Steve Wilson - what we are doing online not who we are will become more interesting to the Facebooks of the world.  Read the article here:


Either way we really want to hear what our guest has to say about how cyber criminals are using our identity and how their crimes are impacting consumers


The chat - Professor David Lacey

Professor David Lacey is Managing Director and Board Member of IDCARE, Australia and New Zealand’s national identity and cyber support service. They are a not-for-profit Australian charity that was formed to address a critical support gap for individuals confronting identity and cyber security concerns. This gap requires specialist Identity & Cyber Security Counsellors and Analysts that apply a human-centred approach to identity and cyber security. This means they place at the centre of everything they do the concerns and needs of the individual, not the technology or process.

Dave also chairs the Cyber Security Department at the University of the Sunshine Coast and is also Director for Cyber investigations and Forensics there.

He teaches, carries out research and leads programs of national importance so we are very excited to have Dave on the show!

Read his full bio here https://www.idcare.org/team-members/professor-david-lacey


 We chat to Dave about:


  • Who IDCARE are and why they exist

  • The common reasons people call IDCARE for help, who are they and where are they from

  • How consumers feel when their info is involved in a data breach

  • What IDCARE see when it comes the emotional impact on people of cyber and identity crime

  • Why intelligence has nothing to do with people falling for scams 

  • How well the security community is doing when it comes to our response to data breaches & how consumers really want us to respond

  • Whether the breach notification law in Australia has helped moved the needle for everyday Australians and if not, what more can be done

  • Whether Data breach notification fatigue is real 

  • Why the time, effort, frustration, bureaucracy and heavy lifting through the system harms the consumer and the opportunity for solving this

  • How Australia compares globally when it comes to cyber crime

  • What are the high risk and low risk pieces of personal info from what Dave sees the criminals can do with

  • How ID care see there is a knowledge gap from both consumers and incident responders around what high risk and low risk items are

  • Why it is so hard to understand the risk when communicating on data breaches

  • Whether we (as an industry) make enough of the link between telephone and the misuse of information online

  • If data is the new oil, who are the refineries?

  • What does the future hold? Will IDCARE continue to need to grow?



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The Debrief


We reflect on some of the most poignant lessons from Dave’s chat;


  • The breadcrumbs of our credentials, telephone scams and the fact that there is no link between intelligence and consumers falling for scams – a reminder that users are not stupid and if people are giving out passwords on the street, maybe we have failed? either way passwords are a big challenge for consumers and for our industry.

  • We discuss how we still have a long way to go to help people with the what's in it for them but we feel optimistic that we have people like Blair Adamson, guest from our first podcast to help lead the way!


And that's a wrap for episode 2 - thanks for listening!

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