EP10: What are the challenges we face as a profession, what are the skills we really need & what do we need to change for the future



  • Louisa is in the USA this week and Beverley is trying out her US accent 

  • One of the reasons for doing the podcast was to showcase the fantastic talent in the cybersecurity industry

  • Cybersecurity can be a stressful profession and recent research Louisa has found confirms that the top 4 reasons for stress are about interfacing with the business (link in research section below)

  • Beverley agrees that one of the reasons you are not suited to cybersecurity (according to some research she had find on a previous episode was related to finding explaining an incident to executives too stressful (link in research section below)

  • Someone who is clearly very suited to a career in cybersecurity is Mandy Turner. 

  • Since recording the chat with Mandy she was also awarded

    • Australian Information Security Association (AISA) Professional of the year (2019) as well as a fellowship of AISA​

  • Louisa and Beverley agree that is so great to see volunteers recognised in our industry


*CONTENT WARNING*: This chat briefly makes mention of domestic violence.  If this word is a trigger for you we would advise listener discretion.  If you need to skip past the section you can fast forward the minute markers from minute 19:55 to 21:00

If you have been affected by this content in any way, please visit lifeline.org.au who have resources on their website for support around domestic and family violence as well as a 24/7 crisis helpline.   

Mandy Turner is a shining light in the Cybersecurity industry - she is positive, collaborative and supports the industry thorough extensive volunteer work.  Mandy has recently been recognised for her work winning multiple awards this year.  She knows our industry well and what we need to change - you can read her full bio via the following link Mandy Turner BIO

For the full Transcript of the chat visit this link  

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  • Beverley is amazed by the volunteer work that Mandy does and the contribution she has made (and continues to make) to our profession

  • Louisa agrees and re-iterates how great it is to see her recognised

  • Beverley is curious about Mandy's book plans and cautions that whilst we need not glamourise cybercrime as it is just crime, we know it is still much harder to catch (cyber) criminals

  • Louisa shares that a future podcast will cover the way in which tech enables cybercrime

  • Louisa reminds listeners that their feedback is valued and that we welcome guest suggestions!

How to follow Mandy

Initiatives: The mentoring initiative website (such as it is,) is here https://cybercenturymentoring.weebly.com/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/empressbat


LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/amandajane1


Guest: Mandy Turner

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Research on causes of stress in cyber https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/www.techrepublic.com/google-amp/article/cybersecurity-burnout-10-most-stressful-parts-of-the-job/


Reasons you are not suited to a cyber career 


Dr. Jessica Barker research on origins of cyber https://www.peerlyst.com/posts/cyber-by-any-other-name-would-smell-as-insecure-the-language-of-security-at-bsides-london-2016-jessica-barker




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