EP8: What do boards think about cybersecurity, how we can speak their language & why this has all been done before with occupational health and safety with Jason Wilk


  • Louisa has a cartoon to describe that she saw on the Cyber Security Hub via LinkedIn (link to original cartoon in the research links below)

  • Beverley thinks it's timely, and a perfect lead in for our guest today.

  • Beverley has a quote from Warren Buffett, and everybody's got a load of respect for Warren Buffett. He says we are on in uncharted territory by not having the right cyber security skill sets in every boardroom. companies and their boards have set themselves up for failure, it's almost guaranteed, it's going to get worse before it gets better.

  • Louisa wonders if we get our time in the boardroom, how do we possibly convey the right information that the board needs in that just that few minutes that we get if we get it? And how do we make sure that we understand what they're thinking and what they need from us.

  • Beverley thinks we've made a lot of assumptions about what boards want to talk about and what they're interested in. The reality is, we like to think, because we see cyber risk are so important. We'd love to think that we're one or number two, and I think there was an article last year that said, you know, we're in the top five subjects. she is not sure if that's true.

  • Beverley is hoping that our guest today is going to shed some light.

  • Louisa Is so confident he'll be able to do that - Jason Wilk, will be joining us and he has got one foot in the boardroom and one foot in cyber security. So she can't think of anybody better qualified to come and talk to to us about what boards need from us, and how we can better engage with them on on cyber security. 


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  • Beverley unpacks whether we can apply occupational health and safety to cybersecurity awareness programs and shares some insights on when she had tried this 

  • Beverley acknowledges there is a lot to learn from occupational health and safety and that it is great place for us to take some learnings

  • Louisa notes the comments on how we should be careful in talking about cyber culture in front of boards but that it doesn't mean this term and the work relating to it is not valuable

  • Beverley notes we should ensure we align our cyber behaviours to an organisations culture overall


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Guest: Jason Wilk

Hosts: Beverley Roche and Louisa Vogelenzang https://www.cybersecuritycafe.com.au/co-hosts

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Roger Schillerstrom cartoon original article link: https://www.pionline.com/article/20170123/PRINT/301239998/get-real-on-cybersecurity

AICD Cyber for Directors Course: https://aicd.companydirectors.com.au/education/courses-for-the-director/short-courses/cyber-for-directors


Security in Depth ‘State of Cyber’ 2019 research on only 2/3 of Australian businesses having a cybersecurity professional on staff https://securityindepth.com.au/stateofcyber




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