What if data isn’t the new oil? what if it is as important as the air we breathe & what do we need to think about to be able to effectively govern data - with Daniella Traino


  • Data is everywhere including in Louisa's living room!

  • We know data is being created in large volumes and we know it can be used in a negative way but how do we know we have the right systems in place now and in the future to effectively govern it

  • Beverley says there is a lot of debate about these topics and confirms that our guest today will be able to help bring some of these issues together

  • Daniella Traino is the cyber track leader at Spark festival and a volunteer Start up Editor on Cyber and AI at https://www.ideaspies.com/


Daniella Traino leads a niche technology advisory with a focus on strategic cyber security services (interim CISO for high-tech & mid sized enterprises) and high-tech commercialisation.  She is a non-executive director and strategic advisor to IoTSec Australia (a not-for-profit organisation influencing IoT cyber security innovation), a member of the Research Advisory Committee for the Internet Commerce Security Laboratory (ICSL) – a cyber security research unit of Federation University Australia, Startup Editor (AI, Cyber Security) for IdeaSpies (platform sharing innovation to inspire action across the Australian ecosystem), Cyber Track Leader for Spark Festival. She was recently nominated as 2019 Security Champion, by the AWSN & CSO IDG Women in Security Awards.

Full Bio for Daniella

Transcript of the full chat here provided by Otter.ai (unedited)


  • Louisa needs the mind-blown emoji after listening to the chat 

  • Louisa was interested by the idea Daniella shared about changing the economic value of collecting data and shares an example of where she was asked to share data she didn't need to 

  • Beverley has a technique she uses - she doesn't have loyalty cards at all!

  • Louisa mentions the positive of AI in Cybersecurity as we didn't get a chance to discuss with Daniella and shared some research finding from Cap Gemini and also shares some insights around how Cybercriminals are using AI

  • Beverley wonders what we need to consider from a product development perspective and Louisa offers some insights

  • Beverley wonders if we should sign up to an ethics agreement as a cyber security profession

  • Louisa thinks that's one for a whole other podcast! 

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