Episode 1 Show Notes: How to truly influence cyber behaviours and how NOT to be the handbrake to happiness with Blair Adamson 



It’s our first show and in the first 5 mins we will share a little intro to ourselves and what we want you to get out of the podcast.


Blair Adamson interview:

Our very first guest interview is Blair Adamson, Cyber Influence Lead at Australian Telco, Telstra. Blair truly understands how to influence human behaviour in cyber security and how to utilise his diverse background, and a diverse team, to achieve these outcomes. He generously shares his insights on how he does this and how to move away from a compliance based approach to security awareness to truly influencing long term behavioural change. 


Resources mentioned by Blair:

Stay Smart Online 

Security Influence and Trust Group 

Blair’s article on medium how to patch a human 


How to contact Blair:


The debrief

We unpack the pearls of wisdom from Blair’s session and wrap up the show!

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