EP4: What small businesses really think about cybersecurity, what solutions they need from the cybersecurity industry & why 60% of small businesses DON'T go out of business after a data breach with Adam Selwood 



  • Beverley won’t let Louisa move into the spare room, even if it is her birthday!

  • Beverley talks about how we all want to help small business with their cybersecurity but are we doing the right things that are right for that market?

  • Louisa has been researching (again) looking at the confusing landscape of advice for small businesses on cyber security 

  • Why Adam is the perfect guest to help us better understand the market, the problem and what small business needs from security 




Adam Selwood is Director, Co-founder and CTO at Cynch Security and we are so pleased to have a local Melbourne cybersecurity entrepreneur in the café with us!


We talk about

  • Where Adam started his career, how he moved into cybersecurity and why he loves it

  • Why he and Suzie first discovered the pain that small business experiences around data breaches and the passion he and Suzie found for trying to find solutions to help them

  • What is a small business and how to define that area

  • The challenges with getting data around the impacts for small business

  • What are the attitudes towards cybersecurity within small businesses and whether they are optimistic about their security

  • Whether it’s a realistic figure that 60% of small business go out of business after a cyber attack

  • What are the characteristics on a small business and the challenges they have

  • What small business needs from cybersecurity solutions and what they have invested in so far

  • How the cybersecurity industry can confuse small business with our language 

  • Why small businesses are not keeping up to date with cybersecurity threats and solutions to address those

  • What the biggest risk for small business is when it comes to cybersecurity

  • The relationship between small business and large corporates when it comes to supply chain risk 

  • The changing landscape for small business around regulation and how this will impact them

  • What the future holds for small business security including 

    • increased data breach regulation (and disclosure) 

    • customers driving increased security from small business

    • Digital natives changing the epectations of small business 

    • Increasing attacks affecting small business

  • Why there is no bigger problem in cybersecurity than small business security and why Adams is optimistic on the solutions coming for small business

  • Why cybersecurity is part of a long list of challenges for small business 

  • Adam’s fantastic advice for would be entrepreneurs in cybersecurity


  • Our key takeaways from the chat including

    • Confirmation email is the biggest threat for small business

    • The amazing amount of passion and due diligence done by Adam and Suzie on the problems that small businesses experience

    • Why we should support Cynch and why small business is important for the Australian economy

    • The misquoted fact about the number of small businesses that go out of business after a cyber attack

    • Where to find facts that you can use about small business cybersecurity


How to follow Adam:

Visit: https://cynch.com.au/


Twitter @adamselwood




Guest: Adam Selwood 

Hosts: Beverley Roche and Louisa Vogelenzang

Producer/Editor: Louisa Vogelenzang

Sound Producer: Darcy Milne (Propodcastproduction.com)




The in-question fact about 60% of small businesses going out of business after a cyber attack 






Security Boulevard facts you can use on small medium business security (with some facts around small business only)







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